Got this game as a way to kinda measure how I feel about more pure "sims" after being done with simcades, the scourge of earth until proven otherwise. And it is pretty fun actually, its biggest problem is having a feel that somewhat reeks of a mobile game with its roulettes and credits top-ups for real money. The alternative is having to grind your entire life in the racing mines to afford a car that is like, 30 million credits (my entire garage after 30h is worth maybe 5). That sucks

Fortunately if you want to drive shitboxes it shouldn't be much of an issue (and/or you are satisfied with handouts and cars that do not have a price tag in human organs) - JP cars are way more prominent here that the other ones for obvious reasons, and getting something like a Honda Beat from '97 on track is cool

Cool car photo from here

The main progression system works, with mostly collecting free 3-packs of cars for winning events. With this campaign you also get a few historical tidbits about given car models or manufacturers, it gives off a vibe of the people involved in this game really caring about all the stuff and getting to pick up a few interesting things along the way. I didn't know what a kei car is, now I do!

In general stuff to do is varied, so it's not like it's easy to get bored with normal races, you can do some other activities rather than grinding normal races.

There are missions which are a mixed bag - I like doing max speed challenges with slipstream and drag races, but no way in hell I am attempting to do ones like a 30 lap challenge. "Overtake everyone in one lap in a superior car starting from behind" sounds great on paper but it's kinda not fun when every attempt starts with you waiting for 40 seconds for all of the slow asses to start one by one. Circuit experiences are time trials but you can master each sector and the whole track against set medal times. Licences are quite easy to get on bronze level but will probably kill you when going for gold.

The game can noticeably struggle a bit with a combo of multiple cars on screen and rain I noticed, a little disappointing. The rain also looks kinda bad, and when you go to a menu that forces RT like Brand Central (new cars shop) the game drops to 30FPS which feels awful.

Kinda thought about going for a plat but I don't feel like I'm getting that all-gold licences thing, I wasn't born with motor oil in my veins unfortunately

Oh and you can wear an Akira jacket and put anime liveries on your cars, I put 30 hours into this game already and I might add a few more to the counter

Another cool car, this is the Callofthenightmobile I drove a few races in, got it from the liveries online
It's in the background too but I wrote too much text and you can barely see it